Leaders of Tomorrow is celebrating its 9th Annual Essay Writing Contest with a new introductory title:

Does Canada Have A Fair And Progressive Immigration Policy?

Every country has an immigration policy. The purpose of which is to let nationals of other countries to become residents of the country where they are immigrating to. Immigrants bring with them from their home land their tradition, habits, language, skills, assets and family to a foreign country. They will need time to blend in and adjust to the new environment.  Unfortunately, the difference in culture, religion, appearance and language may cause friction and distrust with the local inhabitants.


To assimilate the new comers peacefully and with mutual respect is the ultimate goal of the immigration policy. Many a time the immigration policy also has to deal with asylum seekers, migrants and refugees. These are the most contentious and explosive aspects of immigration. The plight and often desperate state of the refugees bring about extreme human sufferings. Many local governments are poorly equipped and find the magnitude of the problem overwhelming. Inadequate settlement policy, lack of political will, scarcity of resources, shortages of accommodation and insufficient long term housing plan are just some of the challenges faced by the front line officials. Knowing the complexity of the problem what are the most important criteria that must be dealt with to develop a fair immigration policy for the future growth of Canada?

School principals and/or teachers are encouraged to request the Peel Regional Police or an authoritative speaker to do a presentation on the topic of Immigration at your school. Not only will the students learn about immigration, but will also find good material for the essay writing contest. Leaders of Tomorrow will gladly co-ordinate with you to set up a date and time for a presentation. Early booking is advisable to secure your preferred date.
To book a presentation, email pierre@leadersoftomorrow.ca. 

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