Leaders of Tomorrow is celebrating its 10th Annual Essay Writing Contest with a new introductory title:


How did a super invention from 1907 become a deadly killer by 2020?

What environmentally friendly products should replace plastics? 

Essay Objective

Ever since its invention in 1907 to its commercial application in the 1960s, plastic has become indispensable in many household products, business packaging, manufacturing parts, toys, medical/surgical instruments and many other scientific applications from earth to space. This product has enriched our lifestyle, improved our standard of living and saved many lives. Yet, today it is clogging up our land, rivers and seas. Plastic is suffocating the life out of our oceans and endangering the survival of every living species on Earth. Does this problem demand our urgent and immediate action? What would you do to protect our environment? Should you motivate others to do the same? How could you retain the good and eliminate the bad of plastic? Is there a balanced approach where you can preserve the benefits of plastic while preventing the pollution of our environment? Is it the responsibility of this generation to clean up years of pollution? How do we heal our planet? 


Peel Regional Police & Expert Speaker Presentation

School principals and/or teachers are encouraged to request an authoritative speaker to do a presentation on the essay topic at your school. Not only do the students learn about Plastic Pollution but will also find very good materials for the essay writing contest. Leaders of Tomorrow will co-ordinate with you to set up the date and time. Early booking is advisable to secure your preferred date. Email Pierre at pierre@leadersoftomorrow.ca.

For more information please download our Contest Program and Contest Flyer below. 

Participating Schools
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Essay Submissions Are Now OPEN

This year, essays will be submitted to the contest exclusively through teachers at participating schools. To be clear, there will be no People's Choice Method or online voting. We would like to invite Grade 7-12 Students, who wish to submit their essays, to seek the assistance of their teachers and parents. For any inquiries regarding the rules, regulations and submission guidelines please feel free to e-mail the administrators at info@leadersoftomorrow.ca

The essays submitted by the teachers will be evaluated by a Panel of Judges and the winners will be announced at the Award Presentation Ceremony on June 14, 2020. Prizes and awards will be resented on June 14, 2020 at the Leaders of Tomorrow Award Ceremony. Various dignitaries will be there to give out the awards. Dress code is semi-formal. More details will be published later. 

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The Plastic Free Mississauga Movement
10th Annual
Milestone Celebration
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