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The Plastic Free Mississauga Movement 
September 14, 2019  - May 23, 2020 

The Plastics Free Movement Objective & Timeline

As part of the Plastic Pollution Essay Writing Contest we request your active participation in a Plastic Free Mississauga Movement which Leaders of Tomorrow is organizing on May 23rd, 2020. You are encouraged to come with your family and friends to take part in a cleanup initiative. Leaders of Tomorrow is reserving a large Recycling Container to collect all plastic items to be recycled and reused by a waste management facility. We will ask you to bring your household plastics with you. If you feel strongly enough about the health of our planet, then ask all of your friends to join in this movement. 

Please stay tuned to find out the location of the event we will be hosting in May, 2020. 

For more information about this initiative please visit the Plastic Free Mississauga Movement page for more information. 

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Leaders of Tomorrow 10th Annual Milestone Celebration 
& the 2020 Essay Writing Contest Launch 

September 14, 2019  

Leaders of Tomorrow is celebrating its 10th Annual Essay Writing Contest with a new introductory title: WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT PLASTIC POLLUTION?

Ever since its invention in 1907 to the commercial application in the 1960s, plastic has become indispensable in many household products, business packaging, manufacturing parts, toys, medical and surgical instruments and many other scientific applications from Earth to space. This product has enriched our lifestyle, improved our standard of living and saved lives. Yet, today it is clogging up our land, rivers and seas. Plastic is suffocating the life out of our oceans and endangering the survival of every living species on Earth. Does this problem demand our urgent and immediate action? What would you do to protect our environment? Should you motivate others to do the same? How would you preserve the good and eliminate the bad of plastic? Is there a balanced approach where you can preserve the benefits of plastic while preventing the pollution of our atmosphere? Is it the responsibility for this generation to clean up its own act? We would like to read your opinion on this issue. 

Contact pierre@leadersoftomorrow.ca for more information. 
Visit the 2020 Contest Page to learn more about our Plastic Pollution Essay Criteria. 

Leaders of Tomorrow 2019 Award Ceremony
June 23, 2019 

Leaders of Tomorrow has celebrated its 9th Annual Essay Writing Contest discussing Canada's Immigration Policies. 


Every country has an immigration policy. The purpose of which is to let nationals of other countries to become residents of the country where they are immigrating to. Immigrants bring with them from their home land their tradition, habits, language, skills, assets and family to a foreign country. They will need time to blend in and adjust to the new environment.  Unfortunately, the difference in culture, religion, appearance and language may cause friction and distrust with the local inhabitants.


To assimilate the new comers peacefully and with mutual respect is the ultimate goal of the immigration policy. Many a time the immigration policy also has to deal with asylum seekers, migrants and refugees. These are the most contentious and explosive aspects of immigration. The plight and often desperate state of the refugees bring about extreme human sufferings. Many local governments are poorly equipped and find the magnitude of the problem overwhelming. Inadequate settlement policy, lack of political will, scarcity of resources, shortages of accommodation and insufficient long term housing plan are just some of the challenges faced by the front line officials. Knowing the complexity of the problem what are the most important criteria that must be dealt with to develop a fair immigration policy for the future growth of Canada?

We would like to, once again, congratulate all the winners of this years contest. The award winning finalists can be viewed on the 2019 Contest Page

Leaders of Tomorrow 2019 Essay Writing Contest Launch 
June 10, 2018 

Leaders of Tomorrow is celebrating its 9th Annual Essay Writing Contest with a new introductory title: Does Canada Have A Fair And Progressive Immigration Policy?

School principals and/or teachers are encouraged to request the Peel Regional Police or an authoritative speaker to do a presentation on the topic of Immigration at your school. Not only will the students learn about immigration, but will also find good material for the essay writing contest. Leaders of Tomorrow will gladly co-ordinate with you to set up a date and time for a presentation. Early booking is advisable to secure your preferred date.

To book a presentation, email pierre@leadersoftomorrow.ca.

Essay Submissions open February 1st, 2019.

Leaders of Tomorrow 2018 Awards Ceremony
June 10, 2018 

Leaders of Tomorrow has celebrated its 8th Annual Essay Writing Contest
with a new introductory title: What is Cannabis?

Should it be legalized for medical and recreational use?

What impact will it have on adults, adolescents and the society as a whole?

Will its legalization affect law enforcement, road safety and public health?

Cannabis is a hot topic in the Canadian parliament for a number of months now. There is a possibility that it may be legalized for medical and recreational use by July 2018. How will it affect Canada socially, economically and politically? Will it compound the problems of drugs and alcohol that our society is already facing now? Can a good legislation prevent the country from sliding down this slippery slope?

The award winning finalist list can be viewed on the 2018 Contest Page

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Leaders of Tomorrow 2017 Awards Ceremony  
June 11, 2017 

Leaders of Tomorrow has celebrated its 7th Annual Essay Writing Contest with a new introductory title: How would you make our roads safer and educate your community on road safety? 
Many students walk to and from school every day. What are the biggest factors that affect their safety on the streets? Are there distractions? How does the increased use of smartphones, headphones and other mobile devices affect their ability to be an alert pedestrian? Pedestrians and drivers both must share the road. What are your largest concerns about having to interact
with drivers? What are drivers doing that put your safety at risk?

​The award winning finalist list can be viewed on the 2017 Contest Page

Leaders of Tomorrow 2016 Awards Ceremony  

June 12, 2016 

The values of a community define the character of a nation. We want to know what you are doing in your community to help build the future of Canada! What steps have you taken? What impact does/should it have? How do you get everyone involved?

This year, once again, the students have outdone themselves with their writing ability and expressed themselves through their essays by educating their peers and fellow writers about their community involvement in Canada. 

The list of winners of the 2016 Annual Essay Writing Contest have been released on June 12th, 2016. Please find the .pdf on the 2016 Contest Page. Please feel free to review the list of our award winning finalists. 

2015 Social Media Revolution Presentations  

March 16, 2015 

Leaders of Tomorrow teamed up with the Peel Regional Police and local MPPs to provide elementary and secondary students of Mississauga with information about the negative and postivie effects of Social Media. We are so grateful for Deputy Chief Chris McCord, Constable Heather Cannon, Constable Rachel Gibbs, Councillor Ron Starr and MPP Bob Delaney for coming out to present to students and give their perspectives about The Impact of Social Media in the World. It is so important for the students to understand how to manage their personal social media platforms and to practice patience, understanding, compassion when using social media apps because it will, no doubt, affect their future. The presentations were a great success and the students have been such a wonderful audience. Special thanks are in order for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board and the Peel District School Board for encouraging their students to take part in our 2015 essay writing contest. Good luck to everyone participating this year! 

5th Year Milestone Celebration - 2015 Essay Writing Contest Launch

September 28, 2014 

On Saturday, September 27, 2014, the Leaders of Tomorrow Team, along with previous contest winners, has gathered in Mississauga's Celebration Square to launch the 5th Annual Essay Writing Contest. The topic of the 2015 contest was announced: "What Impact Does Social Media Have In The World?" The previous contest winners and participants have been recognized on stage and on our website. Please find a letter published on our website by Pierre Wong, the Chair of Leaders of Tomorrow, which entails the recognition of the students and the dignitaries who volunteer their time to help us make this rewarding program a success every year. (click the image to read the letter). 

We would like to encourage students of Mississauga between Grade 7 -12 to submit their essays starting January 15, 2014 until April 20, 2015. We would also like to encourage school faculty to guide their students in their participation. Thank you. 

Leaders of Tomorrow - New Website Launch 

August 15, 2014 

Leaders of Tomorrow is migrating to a new online home. We are proudly announcing our new website leadersoftomorrow.ca, which will host important information about new and previous contest details, events and community involvement. 

We are celebrating our 5th Annual launch of the Leaders of Tomorrow Essay Writing Competition at MCBA's Community Crime Awareness Day. We are inviting everyone to attend the recognition of our previous winners.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support of Leaders of Tomorrow.
Please browse our new and imrpove website freely. 

Leaders of Tomorrow 2014 Awards Ceremony

June 1, 2014  - Living Arts Center 


"Will green energy save our planet?"

On June 1st, 2014, The Leaders of Tomorrow have gathered again in the Living Arts center to receive their Mayor Hazel McCallion Award for their outstanding essays. We were celebrating our 4th Annual Essay Writing Contest with even more entries than last year.  Students from grade 7-12 have gathered with their peers to share their essays with us and proudly accept the Mayor Hazel McCallion Award. First prize winners read their essays aloud for us to hear their thoughts about green energy. As our judges panel has concluded, Mississauga is in good hands. 

Please see the 2014 Winners List on the 2014 Contest Page.


Thank you to all the participants for attending the ceremony. 

Leaders of Tomorrow 2013 Awards Ceremony

May 26, 2013  - Living Arts Center


"How can we stop bullying in our schools?" 

Another year, another great competition. The Leaders of Tomorrow celebrate their achievement on May 26, 2013 with their parents, school faculty, and one of Deputy Chief of Peel Police. 

Bullying is a very important issue to be discussed and Mississauga as a community must put a stop to it. Bullying can cause a great damage in a child, especially at an eraly age. No one is an exception, bullying must be discussed and stopped at its core. 

The students of Missisauga are bright, young individuals and they have demonstrated great ideas in their essay that could help not only reduce the bullying in their environment, but also encourage their fellow peers that bullying is not cool. Students must help each other learn and grow to become the true Leaders of Tomorrow. 


Please see the 2013 Winners List on the 2013 Contest Page


Thank you to all the participants for attending the ceremony. 


Leaders of Tomorrow 2012 Awards Ceremony

May 27, 2012  - Living Arts Center


"How will I use my community service hours to improve Mississauga?"


Leaders of Tomorrow has held its second annual award ceremony in The Living Arts Center. 
Students were asked to write about their community involvement in Mississauga and how they were able to use their hours to make a difference in their surrounding. We have received great essays and as Pierre Wong had said, "In my books [the students were] all winners." 


Mayor Hazel McCallion has handed out the awards to 18 finalists who have also received cash prizes for their hard work. The students were able to submit their essays into four categories: 

1) Teacher's Choice Award Grade 7-8      and 2) 
Teacher's Choice Award Grade 9-12
3) People's Choice Award Grade 7-8       and 4) People's Choice Award Grade 9-12

The List of Winners can be found on the 2012 Contest Page. 

Thank you to all the participants for attending the ceremony. 

Leaders of Tomorrow 2011 Award Ceremony

May 15, 2011 - Emerald Chinese Restaurant in Mississauga

"How would I make Mississauga a world-class city?" 

The Leaders of Tomorrow Essay Writing contest was officially launched on January 24, 2011. Presented by The Knights of Columbus, Council 12372 and sponsored by The Investor's Group, ClarksonNetwork.com and Pierre Wong, Chair of Leaders of Tomorrow. 

Leaders of Tomorrow is a city-wide contest that challenges the students of the city to see what changes they would make within their environment to make Mississauga a world class city.
Students were able to submit their essays through their schools or online which were marked
based on the following categories: 
Ideas; Imagination/Inspiration; Practicality, Language/Grammar/Writing Skills; and Composition/Presentation/Organization. 


On May 15, 2011 the winners were announced at Emerald Chinese Restaurant where the Mayor with Mississauga government officials have come to hand out the awards to winning students. 

The List of Winners can be found on the 2011 Contest Page

Thank you to all the participants for attending the ceremony. 

Letter from the Mayor - The Launch of Leaders of Tomorrow

September 10, 2010 - Mississauga 


Mayor Hazel McCallion sent Leaders of Tomorrow accepting the offer to name the award given to the winners of the Leaders of Tomorrow contest the prestigious "Mayor Hazel McCallion Award". 


Hazel McCallion started the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committe in 1985 to get the youth of Mississauga to be involved with its community and to encourage them to take part in leading Mississauga towards a great and prosperous future. 

The Leaders of Tomorrow are honoured to be able to award the future leaders of Mississauga with the Mayor Hazel McCallion Award.