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Every country has an immigration policy. The purpose of which is to let nationals of other countries to become residents of the country where they are immigrating to. Immigrants bring with them from their home land their tradition, habits, language, skills, assets and family to a foreign country. They will need time to blend in and adjust to the new environment. Unfortunately, the difference in culture, religion, appearance and language may cause friction and distrust with the local inhabitants. 

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Should Cannabis be legalized for medical and recreational use? What impact will it have on adults, adolescents and the society as a whole? Will its legalization affect law enforcement, road safety and public health?

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Pedestrians and drivers both must share the road. How does the increased use of smartphones, headphones and other mobile devices affect their ability to be an alert pedestrian? What are your largest concerns about having to interact with drivers? What are drivers doing that put your safety at risk?

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The values of a community define the character of a nation. What steps have you taken? What impact does/should it have? How do you get everyone involved?

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How has the evolution of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms change our every day lives?

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Green Energy has become increasingly important in our world. See how the students of 2014 feel about green energy and how they see our future.

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Bullying is an important issue in today's schools. It affects not only school work, but all aspects of life for both the bully and the victim. Find out what the students of Mississauga think of bullying, its affects and what solutions there are.

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The Province of Ontario requires a minimum of 40 hours of community service in order to graduate from secondary school. So we asked the students of Mississauga, how they would use those hours to improve the city? What impact will it have?

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Our very first contest year, we wanted to know how the youth of Mississauga would change the city to make it world-class. The innovation that the essay-writers brought was nothing short of astonishing.